Spin off Release

Middleborough, MA – October 1, 2020 – Kingston Trailers, LLC announces that it plans to complete a spin-off of its utility, cargo, dump and other non-horse trailer sales and distribution business into a new independent entity called Middleboro Trailer World, LLC. Kingston Trailers is committed to continue building its most respected custom hand-built all-aluminum horse trailers. Kingston Trailers are award winning with uncompromising quality and best in class with the strongest brand loyalty.

The spinoff will allow the separate businesses to maximize focus and flexibility, align investments, drive increased responsiveness to the particular and unique needs of their markets and customers and achieve faster growth through focused and fit-for-purpose operating models.

Both businesses will operate independently from our newly acquired corporate, manufacturing and operating facility in Middleborough, Massachusetts.

Moosa E. Moosa, who will be Chief Executive Officer for both Kingston Trailers and Middleboro Trailer World, said, “Following a comprehensive review of our businesses, it’s clear that the business model and customers for these businesses requires different strategies to thrive moving forward. Recognizing this, we determined that pursuing a separation is the most compelling path forward for the two businesses – creating two separate entities with distinct financial profiles and challenges, tailored operating priorities and unique strategies, both well positioned to achieve their strategic goals and create significant value for our customers and employees.”

Ahmed Loonat, Vice President of Middleboro Trailer World, said, “Now that we have fully implemented our relocation, it is the logical next step arising from our strategic review process that we independently manage, run and operate these two separate businesses which have a very specific focus and leverage our new extensive facilities. As a result, both businesses will be well positioned to capitalize on their respective opportunities and act decisively in an evolving environment.

Ed Smith, General Manager of Kingston Trailers, said, “In the first quarter, we made a very successful relocation of our Kingston Trailers operations to Middleboro. We now have a much smoother operation. We are very pleased that the spin-off will allow us to continue to strongly focus on the award-winning Kingston brand.”

Moosa further said, “we will be hiring new employees to build out the respective teams and to be ironing out the bugs over the next few months as the spin-off is completed.”

About Kingston Trailers – Kingston Trailers®, the most respected name in hand-built, custom, aluminum horse trailers in the USA, was founded about 60 years ago with a vision of offering the best horse trailer and that vision continues. It manufactures the best quality all-aluminum bumper-pull and goose-neck horse trailers in the industry. From its founding, Kingston Trailers has been renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, quality, durability and resale value. If you ask a New-England horse person to name the best locally manufactured horse trailer, odds are the name will invariably be Kingston Trailers.

Kingston Trailers are distributed through its dealer network along the east-coast from Maine to Florida and can be customized to the customer and offer more comfort, convenience and space than any other in their class. It offers nine different bumper-pull models and three goose-neck models and offers full support for parts.

Kingston Trailers are built with uncompromising commitment to safety and quality. The all-aluminum mainframe is designed to withstand the roughest of road conditions and easy to tow and available with a wide array of features and options to suit individual preferences and style.

About Middleboro Trailer World- Middleboro Trailer World ®, is a retailer of new and used utility, cargo, dump and other non-horse trailers and builds on its 60 years ago of experience in building trailers. Its vision of offering the best value trailer for different markets and applications from the leading trailer manufacturers. It carries the Wells Cargo, Belmont, DuraBull, and Nitro brand of quality steel and aluminum trailers

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